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Working at ISRG means sharing a space where we breathe sports and work with common values that define who we are.


At ISRG, we believe that our work should have a positive impact on society and our surroundings. That's why we share values that make us proud.

Equal Opportunities

Equity, mutual respect, and non-discrimination are three of our core values. Our equal opportunities plan includes actions that apply to all departments and levels of the company. Additionally, we invest in training, reskilling, and upskilling our employees.

Our commitment has been recognized with the Best Women Talent Company certification.


Diversity and Inclusion

No one should be left behind. We embrace diversity in all its forms and actively collaborate with leading associations and organizations to work towards a more diverse and inclusive society, contributing to improving the employability of people with risk of social exclusion.

Our workplace at the logistics center has received different awards, and we are also signatories of the Diversity Charter.


Social Action and Projects

A key part of our corporate social responsibility strategy is focused on driving the development of cross-cutting projects where collaboration and involvement from all teams are essential. Projects such as Play for Future in collaboration with Nike and El Deporte Cambia Vidas with Fundación Aladina exemplify this commitment.

Furthermore, our corporate volunteering program offers all ISRG team members the opportunity to engage in a variety of volunteering activities during one working day per year.

Healthy Living

We breathe sports. We live sports. And we love it. We promote sports practice among our staff and collaborate in many sports initiatives to endorse our commitment to sports. Additionally, we have sports facilities at our Alicante location, and we provide the entire team with access to the Sprinter Pass platform.


Wellness & Wellbeing

Mens sana in corpore sano.

We strongly promote physical and emotional well-being in our teams, promoting programs like Mental Health Days and emphasizing the importance of physical and emotional well-being through mutual support and personal growth training across all teams.



We promote the responsible exercise of personal, family, and work-life rights, implementing measures such as improving permits and leaves and providing work flexibility.